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Are you burdened by unjust bank or credit union fees in the Memphis, Tennessee, area? Partner with the attorneys at Stranch, Jennings & Garvey and obtain justice. 

We are your defense against the unfair tactics of banks and credit unions. Our law firm has a track record of addressing financial fee grievances and winning settlements against unwarranted bank charges.

Unanticipated bank fees can disrupt your life and cause undue stress. That’s why our attorneys passionately defend the rights of consumers in Memphis, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas. 

We have an intimate understanding of both state and federal mandates concerning ethical business conduct. Whether you were issued overdraft penalties or repetitive insufficient funds charges, our law firm is fully prepared to fight for you.

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With Stranch, Jennings & Garvey as your ally, you are getting more than legal counsel — you are joining forces with unwavering advocates. 

  • We harness our consumer rights knowledge to champion your case. 
  • If a settlement can’t be agreed upon, we’re prepared to fight for you in court.  
  • Our goal is to secure you the most compensation possible. 

Trust us with your potential bank fees or credit union lawsuit in the Memphis, Tennessee, area. We’re here to help you get the justice you deserve– complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.  

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Take the first step towards receiving the help you need by filling out our contact form today!